postheadericon About Soutache Technique

     The loveliness of soutache technique is that it is infinitely variable and unique: it is colorful, and at the same time can be amazing monochromatic, extraordinary light, luxury and ... stylish. All jewelry are very much personalized, a little volatile and capricious in its curls - in this makes them very similar to the beautiful women with charm. They help to create extra-feminine image.

Any product is a remarkable and unusual personal gift, it emphasizes a woman's charm, originality, gives elegance, charm and style. Wearing these ornaments, the women have the opportunity to feel the French queen, a Russian aristocrat, the Greek goddess. They have the magic, rich history, they impress, inspire, open and highlight the beauty of each woman.

Decorative objects in the style of "soutache technique" are amazingly beautiful, complicated, rich. It combines the gloss and tarnish of stones and strass, magnificent Japanese beads, exquisite Italian glass, colorful French porcelain, elegant vintage metal details, and tenderness and romanticism of natural mother of pearl, elegance of handmade cabochons.

All our jewelry objects are made from high quality French materials, natural stones, natural pearls, mother of pearl, corals, french and dutch soutache, Italian glass beads, Japanese seed beads, etc. All these things are sewn by hand between the curls of soutache, cords' ends are hidden on the wrong side, and wrong side then is closed by neatly cut and glued skin. The result is excellent.

And the creative process is absolutely endless!

The COLLECTIONS are constantly changing and are replenished with new products. This is not a mass production and there is no exact replica, it is not possible. In nature there are no two identical samples of stones or pearls, mother of pearl or coral, they will always be a bit not symmetrical and will have its own unique color and pattern. And decorations in soutache technique as well will constantly change their shape and colors, adjusting to the natural stones, which the master loves to use in their work.

In other words, not to fall in love with this technique is simply impossible! Tried once this jewelry, you can not deny yourself with pleasure to get a bit transformed and feel treated lovely, and you will really start to love these objects. This art already has got a lot of adorers, but for all that they remain to be seldom, as skilled craftsmen working in this technology are very few – the technique is very time consuming and difficult.

Wearing at least once one ornament of soutache, you will never be unnoticed, and you have to get ready to this! Believe us, you will enjoy more attention from others, and you'll get great pleasure from more and more compliments. 

Make your personal choice and enjoy! Give us this great pleasure to fulfill your choice and preferences!